Amy Franklin
Senior Manager, Impact & Investments


GrantsUnited Way of Snohomish County invests in solutions that improve lives. Grants for programs and services that address critical needs in our community are a key strategy in our work. From childcare to housing for the homeless to job placement services, programs funded by United Way are making a difference every day.

Funding decisions are made by volunteers who also help refine our investment focus. Volunteers comprising subject experts, ordinary citizens, agency representatives, and funding partners assess community needs and review proposals. They base their recommendations on the priority of needs, a program’s effectiveness and its ability to show measurable results.

United Way-funded programs are among the best in our community at delivering quality health and human services. Each program isheld accountable for the funds it receives and for showing measurable outcomes and effective results. For help from any community service, call 2-1-1. Together, we are building a stronger, more caring community.

Please see Our Work for other ways United Way is making an impact in our community.

Mission: Leading positive change that transforms our community and improves people’s lives in Snohomish County

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