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Vice President of Impact & Community Investment

How to Apply

How to ApplyMulti-Year Program Fund

The 2013-2016 grant cycle has begun! 

Instructions on how to submit a Letter of Intent, eligibility standards and a timeline are available on our Program Grants Website at

Multi-year program grants are provided to local health and human service organizations in Snohomish County. Grants are made by each Vision Council, based on the alignment of program services with that Council’s community outcome and on the strength of the applicant’s outcome-based evaluation systems. Grants are provided for a three-year funding cycle.

Grants are available to local 501(c)(3) non-profit human service organizations that meet the minimum standards for eligibility and can submit all required eligibility documentation. Grants are not awarded for capital projects or expenditures.

Financial Education Fund

Financial education grants are provided to fund financial education and financial counseling programs in Snohomish County that serve low- or moderate-income individuals and families. Grant funds may be used to support classroom instruction, one-on-one counseling, or a combination of classroom and individualized support. These funds must be used to provide direct service to community members. The maximum award for a Financial education grant is $5,000. Financial education grants are awarded for a six-month period.

Opportunity Fund

Opportunity grants are awarded year-round by individual Vision Councils in response to an unforeseen, compelling community opportunity. Grant proposals must align with the Vision Council community outcome. These grants are by invitation only.

Outreach Fund

Outreach grants are provided to grass root projects that respond to the needs of under-represented or diverse groups of people in Snohomish County. These funds must be used to provide direct service to community members. The maximum annual award for an Outreach grant is $5,000.

Outreach grants are awarded for a one-year period. Grant recipients can reapply once for the same project. They can also apply for subsequent Outreach grants for other projects.

Strategic Alliance Fund

Strategic Alliance grants are designed to form important community alliances that promote the improvement of human life in Snohomish County. These grants must be initiated by United Way’s Board of Directors or by one of United Way’s Vision Councils.

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