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Jacqui Campbell
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LIVE UNITED is a credo. A mission. A goal. A constant reminder that when we, as individuals, think outside ourselves, we have the power to facilitate change. When we think of others' lives as linked to our own, our compassion grows. When we reach out a hand to one, we influence the condition of all. We build the strength of our neighborhoods. We bolster the health of our communities. And we change the lives of those who walk by us every day. More, it is a call to action. TO GIVE. TO ADVOCATE. TO VOLUNTEER. Because united, we stand. United, we elevate. United, we persevere. United, we move through. Above. And beyond. United, we can change what we see in the world. LIVE UNITED is about the power of unity.

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How do you LIVE UNITED? Please tell us how you give, advocate or volunteer in your community.


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