Ashton's Story

United Way of Snohomish County: Mike“A few years ago, my son Ashton had early signs of autism. We weren’t even sure he would ever speak. Now he’s thriving.”

When Ashton began displaying early signs of autism, his mother Lisa brought him to a United Way-funded program at Little Red School House, an agency that advances the quality of life for children with or at risk of developmental delays and disabilities. Through the program, Ashton learned critical behavioral and learning skills.

Today Ashton is in the second grade, and excelling in school. Recently, Ashton was transferred out of his special education program and is now thriving in regular classes. Ashton is active with sports, and loves math. At home, he even helps his fourth grade sister with her math homework.

Before Ashton’s diagnosis, Lisa recalls that their family never donated to United Way, as they never thought they’d need the help of a United Way-funded program. Her opinion was quickly changed once her family’s life was touched by Ashton’s challenges. Through Ashton’s journey, Lisa learned that you can never know when you may need support, and even the smallest of donations can make a difference in the life of a child.

Lisa and her family now champion United Way and United Way-funded programs like Little Red School House. “Donors before me helped my son so much. Now, I donate in the hope of helping someone else. I’m paying it forward.” Lisa thanks United Way donors for their support, saying “because of you, Ashton can talk, he can learn, and he now has a foundation for the rest of his life.”

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