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Basic Needs Grants

Basic needs such as food, shelter, and access to health care is the first step to identifying the complex, long-term issues families with young children face, that will eventually require collaborative solutions.
While we work toward long-term outcomes through our collaborative CORE approach, continued support of families with young children for basic needs such as food, healthcare, housing, and transportation is a necessity. While most of our community investments will focus on CORE Collaboratives, we will continue to make some program-level investments in basic needs, working with these partners to integrate into the collaborative model over time. We anticipate that basic needs programs will be a valuable entry point for families to connect with Collaboratives that can provide holistic services for both the child and the adult in their lives.
Thirty percent of the CORE Fund will be allocated to Basic Needs grants. These grants will be awarded to provide basic need services and/or access to services for young children (birth to age 8) and their families with low income. These basic needs grants will be 1-year investments and will begin January 2018.

All funding decisions are made by volunteers who also help refine our investment focus. Funding determinations are based on the priority of needs, a program's effectiveness and its ability to show measurable results. Grants are available to public and nonprofit organizations that meet the minimum standards for eligibility and can submit all required eligibility documentation. Grants are not awarded for capital projects.


United Way of Snohomish County will accept letters of intent online from Tuesday, June 6 through 5 p.m. on Tuesday, July 25, 2017. 
Applicants should review the following documents prior to submitting a letter of intent:
For information about the CORE Collaborative Grants, see our CORE Grants page.
There may be updates and clarifications over the next few weeks. To be added to our grant updates email list, please email your name and agency to


Any questions related to the grant process should be directed to Lark Kesterke, Director of Impact and Investments, at or 425.374.5506.