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CORE Investors

The newly created CORE Investors group contribute $10,000+ to support the work of our CORE Collaboratives, committed to long-term solutions for families with young children. Should you decide to become a CORE Investor, no processing fee will be taken from your contribution, which means 100% of your gift is invested back into the community.

When you give to CORE, you are investing in a new approach to solving poverty. Existing programs are essential, but if we continue to fight poverty in the same way, we are supporting the barriers that can keep families trapped. Your investment will help to create efficiencies and make it easier for families to get the support they need to escape the traps of poverty today and for generations to come.

CORE INVESTOR ($10K - $24,999)

  • Ideation Sessions: contribute your mind and expertise to the complex social challenges facing families with young children.
  • Updates from the CEO: receive in-depth quarterly reports on our CORE work.
  • Impact Briefings: learn firsthand how your CORE Fund investments will support systems change in Snohomish County.
  • Volunteer events: create immediate impact by lending your hands to exclusive 2-generational volunteer projects.
  • Fee-free directed giving.
  • Social Opportunities: meet and network with other CORE Investors in the community.
  • Listing in, and receive an electronic copy of, our annual report.
  • Receive our bi-monthly e-newsletter.

Step Up to be a CORE Investor

If you’re committed to following your passion for philanthropy and want to join the CORE Investor level at a more gradual pace, the Step-Up Program is for you! By participating in this three-year, tiered pledge program, you’ll be recognized as a CORE Investor upon enrollment, which includes invitations to all social events and programs. 

Step-Up Commitment:

Year One Pledge - $6,000 invested in the CORE Fund
Year Two Pledge - $8,000 invested in the CORE Fund
Year Three Pledge - $10,000 invested in the CORE Fund

If you want to learn more about supporting our CORE work, please contact Cristina Mora at