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CORE Venture Philanthropists

United Way of Snohomish County's CORE Entrepreneurship Startup CycleAre you looking for bold and innovative ways to use capital for social good? Are you frustrated by giving money to good causes only to see the problem increase? Do you want to use your entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropy to solve complex social issues that result in long-term solutions for families in Snohomish County?

We want that too.

At United Way of Snohomish County, we see Venture Philanthropists as the change makers we need to truly solve complex social issues like poverty. Venture capitalists see the potential in innovative ideas that add value to society. They see the big picture and are willing to invest in big ideas that will ultimately result in big gains. Why can’t philanthropic dollars do the same?

After decades of charitable dollars going toward separate programs and services focused on different issues affecting poverty, we have yet to truly address root causes. But with the support of individual and corporate angel investors passionate about creating social good in our community, we used seed capital to develop the entrepreneurial concept of CORE: Creating Open Roads to Equity.

CORE is our bold, new collaborative approach that removes barriers that can keep families trapped in poverty. It adopts two promising national modelsthe 2-Generational Approach and Collective Impactto fundamentally shift the conversation around poverty from single programs to collaborative, cross-sector partnerships focused on shared, long-term solutions for families struggling to get by.

In January 2018, we funded 3-year investments for five CORE Collaboratives totaling over 68 cross-sector partners. We invite you to join us in this innovative startup and make a lasting impact in the community for generations to come.

CORE Venture Philanthropists have made investments of $25,000+ into our CORE work and will receive special invitations to:

  • Network with other exceptional philanthropists and leaders around the complex issue of poverty.
  • Participate in community investment discussions and identify new opportunities.
  • Receive in-depth reports on our CORE work from the CEO.
  • Access all CORE Investor benefits.

If you want to learn more about the CORE Entrepreneur Cycle (pictured to the right) or how to become a CORE Venture Philanthropist, please contact Cristina Mora at