Dental Care for Kids

Dental Care is Health Care

United Way of Snohomish County has partnered with Best Dental Help, a mobile dental clinic operating in Washington State. Best Dental Help visits elementary schools to teach students about the importance of dental care, offer check-ups and place sealants on children whose families have opted for care. 

This partnership developed out of their existing relationship with the North Counties' Community Collaborative in Darrington, WA. We are excited to help the organization expand their footprint here county-wide. 

While most children have some level of access to healthcare, many families that have health insurance do not have dental coverage. Best Dental Help believes that by placing sealants on teeth at the elementary level, they can set children up for a lifetime of healthy teeth. 


Dental Hygienist with child

Kids are also given basic cleanings by dental hygienists, taught about proper care and given the tools needed to take home. There is no cost to the families. Insurance is billed if they have it, but otherwise Best Dental Help covers the cost. 

The Best Dental Help team also talks to the entire school, classroom by classroom, a month prior to their visit. Even if kids aren’t being seen in the mobile clinic, they are receiving education on proper dental care. In the Spring, Best Dental Help also operates a preschool program. Children in participating preschools are given fluoride treatments as well as kits to take home that include toothbrushes, floss, etc. ... often items that many children, unfortunately, do not have regular access too. 



United Way is supporting BDH by helping to cover the costs accrued from serving kids that are uninsured and we look forward to sharing this important work.