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Free Tax Preparation

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide acquires United Way of Snohomish County Tax Prep Program

United Way of Snohomish County is closing its tax preparation service and referring clients to AARP Foundation Tax-Aide’s tax preparation service. The two organizations have been in discussions for the past several months about consolidating their tax preparation services under Tax-Aide. The change is effective immediately though tax preparation for the 2020 tax year won’t resume until Feb. 1, 2021.
United Way is referring all existing clients and volunteers to AARP Foundation Tax-Aide preparation sites for the 2020 tax season. United Way decided to discontinue its tax preparation service because of a decline in clientele, falling interest from prospective volunteers and uncertainty about how the COVID-19 virus will affect future ability to continue its tax preparation service. Tax-Aide is still determining the parameters of its tax service based on local health regulations and availability of volunteers and preparation sites. 
AARP Foundation Tax-Aide has been offering free tax preparation services for more than 50 years. The service uses trained and IRS-certified volunteers. Tax-Aide tax assistance is available from Feb. 1 to April 15. Tax-Aide helps more than 2.5 million taxpayers nationwide each year. Tax-Aide sites are located throughout Snohomish County.

Why is AARP acquiring United Way’s Tax Prep Program?

AARP is known for its robust and effective Tax-Aide tax preparation program that has been around for more than 50 years. With multiple locations throughout Snohomish County, AARP has the established infrastructure and expertise for this service in the community. 

Why are you no longer running your own Tax Prep Program?

United Ways across the country have run Free Tax Prep Programs for years and continue to do so.
United Way of Snohomish County started our Tax Prep Program in 2007 to help those in our county experiencing a high level of household food insecurity increase their income. One of its main goals has been to promote the Earned Income Tax Credit, which many households either did not know about or did not claim.
Since then, the following changes have occurred with our Free Tax Prep program:
  • More free- to low-cost tax prep services are available now than a decade ago, including online options that many households use.
  • We have had a steady decline in the number of volunteers interested in the program year after year.
  • The number of clients coming to our tax sites has also seen a steady decline every year.
  • Funding for the program itself, including additional services needed at sites (technology, translation, logistics, staff, etc.) is no longer dependable or available. 
  • The uncertain COVID-19 environment has limited our budget and staff capacity.

What happens to the families and individuals who used to come to United Way’s tax sites?

All AARP tax sites are open to anyone of all ages and income levels. All individuals and families who have used United Way’s tax sites in the past will now be directed to an AARP tax site near you. 
How do I become an AARP Tax-Aide volunteer?

Register to be a Tax-Aide volunteer by filling out this online volunteer application

Where do I find information on AARP tax sites?

The AARP Tax-Aide Program offers free tax preparation assistance Feb. 1 through April 15. You don’t have to be an AARP member, and there’s no age requirement to get tax help from IRS-certified volunteers.
If you are looking to have your taxes done, forms are available at either Everett library locations.
Main Library
Evergreen Branch

Are there other United Way tax sites open nearby?

No. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, tax sites are closed but online options are available. United Way of King County has 100% online tax assistance available from Jan. 20 – April 18, 2021. 

I need a copy of a previous year's return. Where can I get one?

Visit AARP Tax-Aide for more information.