Where Your Contribution Goes and Where the Money Comes From

We take our role as a trusted community leader very seriously and are committed to high standards of accountability and transparency.
Where Your Contribution Goes


Where the Money Comes From
As an organization, we made an intentional effort to honor our commitments to the CORE Collaboratives, continuing to invest in them fully at $210,000 per year, per Collaborative despite fundraising challenges due to economic and environmental factors, and COVID-19. The following circumstances affected fiscal year numbers, providing additional available funds that were spent but not raised in 2020:
  • Board-approved transfer from reserve funds for technology systems updates
  • Residual income from revenue raised in 2018-19 fiscal year 
  • Passive income from savings 
Donor-Designated Gifts: Donor-designated gifts are sent to various nonprofit organizations, as directed by the donor. United Way provides this service to donors but does not monitor or oversee the use of these donations.
For fiscal year 2020, our total net assets equaled $5,475,459.
Code of Ethics
United Way of Snohomish County is committed to the highest ethical standards. Download a copy of our Code of Ethics and our Whistleblower Policy. Ethics Officer Becky Mackenstadt may be reached at 425.774.5797 or at bmackenstadt@vinedahlen.com.