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Families with Children 0-8


Our new CORE work places the whole family at the center of a collaborative partnership where multiple nonprofit, public, and private partners are working together to meet not only the needs of the child, but those of the entire family. 

The 2-Generational Approach places families at the core, supporting holistic programs and services that surround and simultaneously serve both children birth to age 8 and the adults in their lives.


The learning, development, and stability of a child’s early years is crucial to their success in life.
  1. In the first few years of life, brain development occurs at an astonishing rate.
  2. A child’s readiness for school is a strong determinant of how well he or she will fare as an adult.
  3. Reading by age 8 is a strong predictor of a child’s future success.
  4. Investments in early learning yield significant returns to the economy and prosperity for all.
  5. Nurturing in those early years, including the development of executive functioning skills and avoidance of toxic stress, has a profound effect on a child’s learning and well-being.
We believe providing children birth to age 8 and their families with low income coordinated access to early childhood education, postsecondary and employment pathways, economic assets, health and well-being, and social capital has the greatest potential for long-term outcomes and will create access to opportunity for generations to come.
The profound benefits of early learning and development in young children helped us to narrow our focus to children birth to age 8 and their families as our first step into our new work. Our long-term goal is to prove success through this model around families to find solutions that are scalable and replicable that can affect long-term systems change for everyone in our community.