Families with Children 0-8

The learning, development, and stability of a child’s early years is crucial to their success in life.

We recognize that every family is unique with different strengths and struggles. United Way of Snohomish County places families at the center of collaborative partnerships, making it easier for children birth to age 8 and the adults in their lives to find success together.

Our work is focused on children birth to age 8 because of the profound benefits of early learning and development in young children.

Why Young Children?

  1. In the first few years of life, brain development occurs at an astonishing rate.
  2. A child’s readiness for school is a strong determinant of how well he or she will fare as an adult.
  3. Reading by age 8 is a strong predictor of a child’s future success.
  4. Investments in early learning yield significant returns to the economy and prosperity for all.
  5. Nurturing in those early years, including the development of executive functioning skills and avoidance of toxic stress, has a profound effect on a child’s learning and well-being.

We know that families experiencing poverty are more likely to have Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), which can change the development of a child’s brain. This makes early experiences when the brain is developing most rapidly so crucial, and why focusing our work on young children is so important.

Learn more about ACEs and toxic stress.

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Family Success

“To build strong families, we need to dismantle the systems that keep families trapped in poverty and understand what families really need in life.” 
– Marjorie Sims, Ascend at The Aspen Institute 

We believe intentional collaborative solutions focused on the five areas of the 2-Generational Approach has the greatest potential to not only meet the needs of families today but will support the success of the whole family for generations to come.