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Your generosity makes a difference. We could not do the work we do without caring community members who are willing to think and invest differently. By investing in United Way, you are helping to pave an open road for families, moving them out of poverty.
Our CORE Fund (formerly the Local Community Fund) is built through gifts from individuals like you, who care about making strategic investments that have the greatest potential for creating a better future for the people of Snohomish County. We also receive support from community-minded companies, foundations, and public partners.  
Donating to our CORE work is a unique opportunity to invest in two national approaches that we are modeling locally: Collective Impact and the 2-Generational Approach.
By giving to United Way, you are investing in a new approach to solving poverty. Instead of meeting one need that a child may have today, you are building a system of care around whole families for a successful tomorrow.
Learn how your investment in this CORE work can change lives.