Health Literacy Month


Our health is perhaps the most critical building block to ensuring our overall quality of life. Consider that children who are healthy attend school more regularly and perform better academically, which sets them up for success in school, work and life. When adults enjoy good health, they perform well at work, creating avenues for financial stability for their families. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true: families without access to health resources very often struggle to reach their full potential.

That’s why United Way of Snohomish County is committed to helping all families access the resources and services they need to achieve and maintain good health. 

We envision a stronger, more vibrant community where everyone has the opportunity to live their healthiest life, regardless of who they are, where they live or how much money they earn.   

Consider the health challenges facing our community:  

  • 9.4% of children in our Snohomish County are food insecure (Feeding America)
  • 11.6% adults in our county live with a disability (Disability Compendium)
  • 1 in 20 adults and 1 in 6 children in our state are thought to live with mental illness (NAMI)
  • 6.6% of people in our state do not have health insurance (NAMI)   

With the help of our community partners, donors and supporters, we’re working to create healthier lives and brighter futures. In 2021, North Counties’ Community Collaborative saw an immediate need to help the children in the community of Darrington due to a shortage of available services. NCCC coordinated the delivery of a mobile dental van from Oregon, where 69 children received teeth cleanings. Twenty-eight of those children had active tooth decay and three had urgent dental needs, including an abscess and fractured teeth. Because of these efforts, they were able to receive treatment.

All Families are Ready, another CORE Collaborative, has helped to increase accessibility to mental health care, incorporating drop in office hours and home visits, after identifying that 76% of participating families are impacted by depression. Additionally, All Families are Ready provided professional development and championed consistent trauma informed care practices across Casino Road providers as, well as providing translation and interpretation services to increase accessibility Family relationships report feeling more positive, supportive, and loving after working with the collaborative, an increase in percentage of 18% over time.

Health is a vital aspect of our lives that cannot be taken for granted, and each of us has the power to contribute to healthier outcomes for ourselves, our families and our neighbors. So, let’s Live United and make Snohomish County a healthier place for all.

Contact United Way of Snohomish County to get involved.