Poverty is a trap, not a choice. While there are many great programs and resources in our community, there are also countless barriers in our systems and service structures that keep families trapped in poverty. Hear from families and partners from our CORE Collaboratives telling their story of how CORE helped to break down these barriers. In their own words…


Ricky: Homeward House Collaborative



Ricky is a single parent to his 3-year-old daughter Angelina. Like many toddlers, she loves playing with her toys and changing outfits on a whim. To anyone who meets them, it is obvious that they had a strong bond. It's hard to imagine that they didn’t start their father/daughter relationship that way. In his own words Ricky describes how Homeward House, a United Way of Snohomish County CORE Collaborative, helped him reunify with Angelina. Homeward House is focused on nurturing the vital parent-child bond in the face of crisis, treatment, and recovery.


Theresa: Improving School Attendance for Families in Transition Collaborative


Theresa is a single mother of three who was experiencing housing instability. After she was evicted from her home, she began living in a motel. She worked two jobs but was having problems keeping her head above water. In her own words, Theresa describes how Improving School Attendance for Families in Transition, a United Way of Snohomish County CORE Collaborative, helped her find housing and overall stability in her life.

Bethany: North Counties' Community Collaborative



In this video, Bethany describes the impact North Counties' Community Collaborative has had on her life and the Darrington community. This CORE Collaborative is focused on reducing intergenerational poverty in Darrington by improving access to employment, health, and education.